IFCAA - International Fire Chiefs' Assosiation of Asia

Constitution of the International Fire Chiefs' Association of Asia

Established on May 26, 1960
Amended on October 8, 1964
Amended on October 22, 1968
Amended on June 9, 1970
Amended on May 24, 1974
Amended on July 25, 2002
Amended on November 19, 2004

Chapter 1 General Provisions

Article 1 (Name)
This association shall be known as the International Fire Chiefs’Association of Asia, whose Head Office shall be located in the country to which the President belongs.

Chapter 2 Purpose and Projects

Article 2 (Purpose)
The purpose of the Association is to maintain international friendly relations among fire chiefs in Asia and Oceania, promote the study of techniques and measures for protecting human lives and property from fire, exchange knowledge and information on the fire service, and thus contribute to the development of the fire services in Asian areas.

Article 3 (Projects)
To achieve the purpose in Article 2, the Association carries out the following:
1. All-around study of fire service systems, fire prevention, fire protection equipment, fire engineering and operational procedures.
2. Exchange of information through the Association' s bulletins.
3. International conferences in Asian areas.
4. Others necessary for achieving the Association's purpose.

Chapter 3 Membership

Article 4 (Membership)
The Association shall be comprised of Active Members, Associate Members, Assisting Members and Honorary Members. The following fire/emergency services personnel in Asian and Oceanian countries are eligible for the following with the approval of the Board of Directors.

Active Members:Chiefs and senior officers of fire/emergency service on the national, state, or municipal level.
Associate Members:1. Chiefs and deputies of private fire brigades.
2. Directors and deputies of civil defense organizations.
Assisting Members:Individuals and/or corporations agreeing on the Association' s purpose.
Honorary Members:The initiators of the Association and others who performed meritorious services for the Association.

Chapter 4 Officers

Article 5 (Officers)
The Officers of the Association shall be:
1. President (1 person)
2. Vice President (4 person)
3. Necessary number of Directors

Article 6 (Election of Officers)
The officers shall be elected by consent of the Active Members or their due representatives present at the General Conference. For the period with the General Conference not held, the officers may be elected by mail voting.

Article 7 (Term of Office)
The officers' term of office shall be four years. They shall be eligible for reelection.
An officer shall hold his office even after the expiration of his term until his successor is elected. In case of an officer’s retirement from the fire service, the successor to his post shall succeed him. The succeeding officer shall serve the remaining term of the predecessor.

Article 8 (President)
The President shall represent the Association, supervise all the business of the Association, and preside the meetings.

Article 9 (Vice Presidents)
The Vice Presidents shall assist the President.
In the absence or inability of the President, one of the Vice Presidents shall perform all the duties of the President in accordance with the pre-arranged order of the Vice Presidents.

Article 10 (Directors)
One Director, for each country and area, shall be elected one out of a group of twenty active members. However, one Director, for each country and area, can be chosen even in case of the number of active members less than twenty.
The Directors shall attend the Board of Directors’ Meeting, decide the matters stipulated in Article 22, and promote the execution of projects.

Article 10-2 (Division)
Each of IFCAA member countries/areas can establish and have the Association's division at home. The Division shall promote the Association’s projects at home, and maintain liaison with the Association’s Head Office.
There shall be the Divisional President in each Division. The Divisional President shall be elected from among divisional members.
The Divisional President shall represent his Division, and perform the duty stated in the first paragraph of this Article. The Division may collect divisional membership dues separately when it is deemed necessary for the execution of divisional activities.

Article 11 (Head Office)
In the Head Office there shall be the Secretary General, the Assist Secretary General and other personnel as deemed necessary by the Board of Directors. The Assistant Secretary General shall assist the Secretary General, and, in case of the accidental absence of or a vacancy for the Secretary General, he shall temporarily assume the Secretary General's responsibility.

Article 12 (Secretary General)
The Secretary General shall sit at all the meetings, keep their minutes together with member communication records, deliver General Conference reports to the members, collect the dues, and keep/administer the Association's funds. He shall also assume the duties requested by the President or the Board of Directors.

Chapter 5 Meetings

Article 13 (Regular Meetings)
The General Conference and the Board of Directors' Meeting shall be regularly convened by the President.

Article 14 (General Conference)
The General Conference shall be called once in two years.

Article 15 (Board of Directors' Meeting)
The Board of Directors' Meeting shall be called in case of necessity.

Article 16 (Extraordinary Meeting)
When a call for an Extraordinary Meeting is requested by a majority of the two thirds or more of the Active Members with the meeting's purpose clarified, the President shall call it.

Article 17 (Notification of a Meeting)
In order to call a meeting, a notification stating the meeting's purpose, date and place, must be sent to the members concerned not later than six months prior to the meeting.

Article 18 (Quorum)
As a general rule, the Association's meetings shall be convened with their attendance reaching a half of the quorum or over. When it is known that the attendance will fail to meet the quorum, those who will send their written opinions regarding the agenda shall be counted as the attendants.

Article 19 (Decisions)
The decisions in meetings shall be made by a majority of attending active members. In case of a tie, the chairman shall decide the issue.
Meanwhile, the approval of at least the two-thirds of the attendants shall be necessary for any change, revision or amendment of the Constitution and the decision to dissolve the Association.

Article 20 (Delegation)
The members may send a delegate with a letter of authorization to the meetings and voting, provided that the delegate is a person concerned with the fire service.

Article 21 (Matters to be Decided at the General Conference)
The following shall be decided at the General Conference:
1.Budget and the settlement of accounts.
2.Laying out the projects of the Association's projects.
3.Change, revision or amendment of the Constitution and the dissolution of the Association.
4.Other matters deemed necessary by the President.

Article 22 (Matters to be Decided at the Board of Directors' Meeting)
The following shall be decided at the Board of Directors' Meeting:
1. Proposals to be submitted to the General Conference.
2. Measures to carry out the projects.
3. Other matters deemed necessary by the President.

Chapter 6 Accounting

Article 23 (Expenditures)
The expenditures of the Association shall be met by:
1. Membership dues
2. Contributions
3. Other incomes
The Officers and other members are unable to draw any fund in the name of the Association without the approval of a regular meeting or the Association.
Meanwhile the Secretary General may do so when it is necessary in accomplishing his duties.

Article 24 (Report of Accounts)
The President shall publicize to the members on the budget and settlement of accounts for each fiscal year.

Article 25 (Fiscal Year)
The fiscal year of the Association shall last for two years, beginning on April 1 and ending on March 31.

Chapter 7 Miscellaneous Provisions

Article 26 (By-laws for Constitution Enforcement)
The matters necessary for enforcing the Constitution shall be decided by the President with the approval of the Board of Directors’ Meeting.

( Additional Provision )
Enacted in Tokyo, Japan in 1960, and effective on May 26, 1960.

By-laws for Enforcing the Constitution of the International Fire Chiefs' Association of Asia

Article 1 (Purport)
In accordance with Article 26 of the Constitution of the International Fire Chiefs' Association of Asia, these by-laws have been laid down with the approval of the Board of Directors.

Article 2 (Membership Dues)
The members shall bear the membership dues according to the following classification every fiscal year.

Active member4,000 yen
Associate member4,000 yen
Assisting member
Special assisting member400,000 yen
Ordinary assisting member
"A" member (Corporations)150,000 yen
"B" member (Corporations)50,000 yen or over
"C" member (Individuals)4,000 yen or over

Article 3 (Extra Expenses)
When the Association is in need of a fund to cover extra expenses including those for preparing a General Conference venue, the amount may be collected from the members expected to attend a conference. The amount of the above-mentioned extra expenses and that to be borne by the members shall be determined by the President after consultation with the Board of Directors.

Article 4 (Particulars for Operating the Association)
The particulars for operating the Association not stipulated in these by-laws shall be determined by the President.

(Additional Provision)
These by-laws were enacted in Tokyo on May 26, 1960 to be effective on the same day.

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